The EUReMS Report is out: Better Outcomes with Better Data

EMSP is glad to annouce to all EUReMS stakeholders, partners and supporters that we have published, in early October 2014, a report on the activity and progress registered by our EUReMS project between 2011 and 2014. 

The report is called "A collaborative initiative to improve MS research and policy across Europe: Better Outcomes with Better Data" and is authored by Sophie Petit-Zeman - medicine & social care communications and strategy expert with SPZ Associates Ltd.

Find the digital version of the report here


This document is meant only as a summary of EUReMS' main deliverables and not as an exhaustive description of the project.

In-depth information on the four landmark EUReMS studies will be available over the following months in scientific publications. 

Download this file (140930_EUReMS_Report-spreads.pdf)EUReMS Report650 Kb