Abstracts of EUReMS studies available for ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2014

The four studies using the MS-data pooled from the European registries identified by EUReMS are now available in the form of abstracts.

Two studies - EPI-1d and PRO-1 - have been exhibited as poster presentations at the Joint Congress of America’s and Europe’s Committees for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis, ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2014, held on 10-13 September, in Boston, United States. Find the studies' posters here

Abstracts are also available for the other two studies - DMD and EPI-1s

The pioneering process of cross-border MS-data pooling, which marks the finalisation of the first stage of the EUReMS project (2011-2014), was completed in August 2014. The four studies based on this data will be published post-ECTRIMS.

The titles and authors of the studies:

  • EPI-1-d Study: Estimating Prevalence and Incidence of MS in Europe from EUReMS data collection, coordinated by Prof. M Pugliatti;
  • EPI-1-s Study: Comparison of the effect of the month of birth across Europe, coordinated by Prof. D Ellenberger and M Pugliatti;
  • DMD-1 Study: Comparison of access and effectiveness of DMD treatment for people with MS across Europe, coordinated by Prof. J Hillert;
  •  PRO-1 Study: Assessment of people with MS’ quality of life, the burden of disease and influence of employment from the patient’s perspective across European countries, coordinated by Prof. P Flachenecker.