EUReMS launches landmark studies

The European Register for Multiple Sclerosis (EUReMS) is set for the February launch of four studies that, for the first time, reunite MS data being shared by various specialised registries from across Europe.

The studies are prompted by questions and hypotheses raised by MS specialists. The results of the studies will be announced this summer, marking the conclusion of the first stage of EUReMS, 2011-2014.

The topics of these studies are:

• Estimating prevalence and incidence of MS in Europe

• A comparison of the effect of the month of birth for people with MS across Europe

• A comparison of the effectiveness of disease-modifying treatment

• An assessment of the quality of life, burden of disease and influence of employment from the patients’ perspective

Find detailed data on the studies in the attached pdf.

Since its start in July 2011, EUReMS has already delivered on several short-term outcomes that include the formation of a critical mass of national and regional MS centres for collaborative and sustainable European MS research and the implementation of an IT platform for collaboration and dissemination of knowledge on MS. In the long term, EUReMS aims to enable a higher awareness of MS among clinicians and general public, to improve knowledge and the management of MS and to create a sense of community for those directly affected by MS and for their families.

Download this file (Launch_ EUReMS Studies.pdf)EUReMS Studies 151 Kb