The EUReMS Report is out: Better Outcomes with Better Data

EMSP is glad to annouce to all EUReMS stakeholders, partners and supporters that we have published, in early October 2014, a report on the activity and progress registered by our EUReMS project between 2011 and 2014. 

The report is called "A collaborative initiative to improve MS research and policy across Europe: Better Outcomes with Better Data" and is authored by Sophie Petit-Zeman - medicine & social care communications and strategy expert with SPZ Associates Ltd.

Find the digital version of the report here

EUReMS Dissemination Event at ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2014: Preliminary Results of Studies

The four studies produced by the teams of scientists involved in the EUReMS project over the past four to five years were presented, in preliminary form, at the Dissemination Event organised by EMSP as part of the ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2014 agenda.

Find a list of EUReMS deliverables here

These studies merged data collected from MS registries across Europe, in a pioneering initiative coordinated by EMSP. The data refers to tens of thousands of patients from countries such as Germany, Sweden, Italy, Poland or Serbia. There is a general agreement among the scientists involved that the challenging data pooling and analysis process was successful.  

Prof. Maura Pugliatti gave a brief overview of the preliminary results of two of the studies - “Estimating Prevalence and Incidence of MS in Europe from EUReMS data collection”, or EPI-1-d, and “Comparison of the effect of the month of birth across Europe” , or EPI-1-s; Prof. Jan Hillert spoke about the study “Comparison of access and effectiveness of DMD treatment for people with MS across Europe”, or DMD-1; and Karoline Buckow outlined the study “Assessment of people with MS’ quality of life, the burden of disease and influence of employment from the patient’s perspective across European countries”, or PRO-1, coordinated by Prof. P. Flachenecker.

Abstracts of EUReMS studies available for ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2014

The four studies using the MS-data pooled from the European registries identified by EUReMS are now available in the form of abstracts.

Two studies - EPI-1d and PRO-1 - have been exhibited as poster presentations at the Joint Congress of America’s and Europe’s Committees for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis, ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2014, held on 10-13 September, in Boston, United States. Find the studies' posters here

Abstracts are also available for the other two studies - DMD and EPI-1s

Two EUReMS studies exhibited at ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2014

The poster presentation session at the Joint Congress of America's and Europe's Committees for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis - ACTRIMS-ECTRIMS 2014 - included two studies with preliminary results from the EUReMS cross-border data pooling process. 

Find a list of EUReMS deliverables here

The protocol for the first study - “Prevalence and incidence of multiple sclerosis estimated in European Register for Multiple Sclerosis”, or EPI-1-d study - was presented on 11 September.

The protocol for the second study - “Assessment of the patient’s perspective in the European Register for Multiple Sclerosis”, or PRO-1 study - was presented on 12 September.

Article on existing European MS registries published in MSJ

An article produced by specialists and stakeholders involved with the EUReMS project on the results of the systematic survey regarding existing MS registries in Europe was recently published in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal (MSJ). 

The information contained in the article was previously summarised in a "poster" produced by Peter Flachenecker, Karoline Buckow and Maura Pugliatti for the EUReMS Consortium. 

Find a list of EUReMS deliverables here